2018 Regattas

RYS Members’ Regatta

From Solent

The entry form for this years Members’ IRC, NHC Cruiser and Keelboat Regatta 29th June – 1st July 2018 is now available online. Following on from the success of last years IRC regatta, the 2018 format will also include cruiser classes and some of the dayboat classes.

Whilst there will still be two divisions for corinthain crews and non corinthian crews, the requirement this year has changed slightly.  Corinthian crews (WSSC Group 1) need to comply with the description in World Sailing Sailor Classification (WSSC) Appendix 4, Regulation 22  and need not complete a full WSSC online registration. This should save much time and confusion. Please read NoR Section 4 for the exact wording.


The full programme is as listed below:

Thursday 28th June
19:15 Skippers’ Briefing
19:30 Opening Reception – Jacket and Tie (cost included in entry fee)
20:00 Dinner available in the Castle, please book separately with the Office – Jacket and Tie

Friday 29th June
10:25 First warning signal
19:30 for 20:00 Crew Supper – Crew Uniform or Jacket and Tie

Saturday 30th June
10:25 First warning signal
19:30 for 20:15 Dinner dance – Jacket and Tie

Sunday 1st July
10:25 First warning signal
16:00apx Prizegiving – Crew Uniform or Clean Sailing Clothes (cost included in entry fee)


To enter the Members’ Regatta 2018 or to book in for any of the Socials please use the online entry form.

The Notice of Race and a PDF version of the regatta entry form can be found below.


Notice of Race

World Sailing (ISAF) Appendix 4, Regulation 22

Online Entry Form

PDF Entry Form suitable for printing

List of Entries as at 25th June 2018


Sailing Instructions Members Regatta 2018

Addendum A – 2018-Chart Central

Addendum A – 2018-Chart EW

Addendum B – 2018 Two Character Codes

Addendum C – Moving Prohibited Zone 2016 No 03

Addendum D – No Anchoring Zone

Addendum E – RYA Prescriptions 2017



Amendment No 1 to the RYS Members Regatta SIs

Amendment No 2 to the RYS Members Regatta SIs

Amendment No 3 to the RYS Members Regatta SIs

Amendment No 4 to the RYS Members Regatta SIs



Members Regatta 2018 Class Splits


RESULTS FRIDAY 29 JUNE (Amended 1840 Sat 30 June)

Class 1 Race 1

Class 2 Race 1

J70 Race 1

Redwing Race 1

Daring Race 1


RESULTS SATURDAY 30 JUNE (Amended 1850 30 June)

Class 1 Race 2

Class 2 Race 2

J70 Race 2

Redwing Race 2

Daring Race 2

Class 1 Race 3

Class 2 Race 3

J70 Race 3

Redwing Race 3

Daring Race 3



Class 1 Overall

Class 2 Overall

J70 Overall

Redwing Overall

Darings Overall